zaterdag 8 oktober 2011

Arriving in Jo'burg - 8th October

When I arrived at the Tambo Airport  Yuri  was waiting for me to bring me to the hotel and he welcomed me in Afrikaans.... and we understood each other  ;-)

4 of the 6 members have arrived today ( Renee, Ron, Subu and myself) and we explored the area around the hotel.

 There is a big mall near Nelson Mandela Square and it is only when you stand next to the statue you realize how big it is.

We had our first dinner together  ( Ethiopian coffee steak; springbok, prawns, ostrich) and toasted to the start of the project.

It felt as if we knew each other already for a long time.
There was a lady offering us face painting while we were eating.

Tomorrow we will meet the GM of IBM South Africa...
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