zondag 30 oktober 2011

28th October

I wrote before about the African bird, hadeda that makes this awful sounds...
here is the recorded sound
Imagine waking up with that every day. No need for an alarm...

So as I said we went o the WineEx, wine fair in the Sandton Convention Center on our last night together as  a team of 6.
It was a fabulous event with so many people and hundreds of wines to be tasted. Most of them South African  but there were a few exceptions.

 It was good there was cheese and crackers to eat in between the tasting.

Near the exit there was a machine to test your alcohol level.
I had 0,05 so I did well between the tasting and the drinking.

 A picture at the entrance of the hotel with the doorman who  I saw every day for 3 weeks.

Our last teamdinner with a last digestive 'Springbok'.
Time to say goodbye. 3 of our teammembers will leave and Ron, Renee and myself went to Capetown to continue our journey.

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