dinsdag 18 oktober 2011

16th October

On Sunday we went to Pilanesberg - a game park near Johannesburg.
We went with our team of 6  (Renee, Subu, Vanie, Ron, myself) and Johan, the driver brought his  18 year old son  and his girlfriend. That have some interesting discussions around their perception op apartheid being white and not having lived those days. It is clear that there is  still a  lot of tension between the blacks (73%), the whites (16%), coloureds (6%) and asians (4%).  Today the government  executes consciously on positive discrimination  in favor of the blacks but the issue is that there is a gap to the education level  they have. It will for sure take a few generations to overcome this overall sentiment. Belgium is also very diverse  as a country but it cannot compare with the level of diversity in South Africa and the challenges related to that.

So after a 2 hour drive we arrived in the game park

We drove through the park with the van and although we did not see all  the big 5 ( we saw the elephant and the Rhino)  we did see a lot of other animals living in the wild. I put some pictures below but  to give an overview we saw: the giraffe (kameelpaard in Afrikaans), kudu, hippo ( Zeekoe), zebra, blue wildebeest, warthog (vlagvarken in Afrikaans; it's the pig of the lion king movie), ostriches, the crocodile, and many fish and exotic birds.
I took a picture of the impressive ostrich feet. If you ever think you have uggly feet, think again!

At one moment we saw this beautiful spectacle of a family of elephants and a group of giraffes  that came together to drink in the lake!

That was really unique and impressive!

On our way back we toasted to  (again)  a successful  trip!

Next days we are really heads down and very busy on the project: interviewing people  form the City government and working on our plan.
Time is really going fast and time becomes very tight now....

Stay tuned!


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