woensdag 26 oktober 2011

24th October

Our last week has started.
On Friday this amazing adventure will end...
It was a very hectic workday to finish the final client presentation and recommendations. But it was Vania's birthday! So we had a reason to celebrate! We bought some cake and champagne and drunk a glass when we finished work. Then we went to have dinner in the African Restaurant 'Lekgotla' on Mandela Square. Lekgotla means 'meeting place' in Tswane

 There was an African band in the restaurant and they gave a special performance for vania

She also got some painting done which is very popular here.

 We have been rating the wines between 1 and 3 and took a picture of the bottle each time.
Then we went to sleep as Tuesday we had to be ready to meet with the CIO and the City Manager ( who reports to the Major) to share our findings and recommendations.
#ibmcsc south africa

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