zaterdag 15 oktober 2011

15th October

Friday evening we had  a great dinner in " The butcher shop' at Mandela Square.  The quality of the meat is really amazing  here and very good price quality  (the same wit the wine ;-)  ).
You also see they start to put the Christmas decoration with the lighted tree  on Mandela Square.

I forgot to mention that the weather is excellent. It's always between 25-30 degrees C but is does cool down in the evening. It's spring but you feel it's warming up toward summer time.

When  we left the hotel today to go to the mall and the local  African craft market  there was a manifestation in front of the JSE ( Joburg Stock Exchange) which is across the street of our hotel.
Someone was yelling   ' The  JSE is like a casino with that difference that here they play with our money'.

 As most of you know I love markets so this day was again a great experience. At the entrance ther was a sign ' This is Africa so we bargain'.  Yesss!

Tomorrow Sunday we'll go to Pilanesberg - a game park.... as we leave at 6:00 we need to get an early night...

more to come tomorrow...
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