maandag 31 oktober 2011

29th October

We arrived in Capetown at 10:15 on Saturday.
It was 16 degrees so around 10 less that Joburg. Time to use the other part of the clothes in my suitcase!
I had a contact of a driver  from a friend and made arrangements to pick us up. So Mt Fish was well in time and we were all set to go. Until we approached his car and saw our luggage.. It was quite a challenge to get all luggage in the car but he made it although we were squeezed like sardines

We passed by the hotel, checked in and left immediately for a wine tour with Mr Fish.

The drive there was fabulous... beautiful nature surrounded by mountains.

First we went to Franschhoek and visited Graham Beck winery  first.

This was definitely a '3' in our rating system.

The Hugenote Monument:

Another '3': Pierre Courdan Brut ( a Cap Classique as they call their 'champagne'): 60% Chardonnay, 40% Pinot Noir.

Haute Cabriere; Chardonnay Pinot Noir : excellent one!

After that visit we went to Stellenbosch and visited  'Spier'.

From the ones I tasted I liked most an organic Sauvignon Blanc, a Signature Chardonnay unwooded   and 21 Gable Chenin Blanc and a 'Creative Block 5' which is a blend of 5 bordeauxs.

Personally I liked Franschhoek most compared to Stellenbosch

Then we drove out of the wineries and unfortunately you see here also the informal settlements with hundreds of shacks:

As the weather improved we decided to drive to Table Mountain immediately as the prognosis for tomorrow is rain....
We were lucky because  it was open and we could go to the top.
The view is breathtaking.  You cannot easily capture this on pictures but it was amazing.
We waited for the sunset on top of the mountain and came down when it was dark.

 the mountain above is called  'the Lionhead'

What a very long, busy day but so rich!
We are lucky to have Mr Fish as he knows the area and helped us to make maximum  use of our time.

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