vrijdag 28 oktober 2011

28th October

This is our last day together as a team... an emotional day given we worked so intense together the last 3 weeks.
Today we went to the Joburg Zoo. It's 54 ha! So quit different from the Antwerp Zoo!

We were invited by the MMC of Public Safety and got a private tour.

You see that Renee has curly hair now on the pictures. That reminds me I did not you tell you about the 'pencil test'. During Apartheid the black people had to do the pencil test. When the pencil  stayed behind their ears, they were  'tagged' as being black. Otherwise they were white.  Still today you feel it is sensitive and most of the black women would straighten their hair or wear a wig. Wigs are very common in South Africa.

This afternoon wehad to pack ( I just hope I can get everything in my suitcase!) and this evening we go together to a Wine-expo that is organized near the hotel.

I will for sure miss Joburg and the hotel. It became a bit 'home' and most of the personnel knows us by now. I will miss the great breakfast with fresh exotic fruit and fresh pancakes.... With papaya, guava,etc... I did not like papaya (paw paw) very much but Pat told me that when you eat it with a bit of lemon it is excellent. And it is true! So I ate it every day...

 I add below some pictures of the hotel and the garden which we saw wake up from spring to summer. The flowers are gorgeous now!

 This bird is called 'hadeda' and  it's a common bird in SA. But the sound that bird makes is terrible. We are used to it now but the first day when we wok up with this sound it was if someone was in trouble...
I will add the sound of the bird in the blog as soon as I receive the file

 This flower is an African flower called protea and the hotel is names after that.
 This evening we went to a Wine Expo that was held near the hotel. For 15€ you could taste any kind of African wines and champagne. I will add the pictures later but it was very different from what we know as Wine fair.  We celebrated the end of the project and it's time to say goodbye...
None of us will forget this  experience. 4 weeks ago we did not know each other and know we are like family.So the splitting up is very strange as experience.

3 of us go to Cape Town for a few days.
I will keep sharing my experiences.  Everyone says Joburg and Cape Town are not comparable so I am curious to see it.
I will keep you posted
Time to pack now as we leave at 5:30 am....

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