zaterdag 22 oktober 2011

21th October: visit to Constitution Hill & Carnivore

On Friday we went to Constitution Hill. One of the Council leaders ( Molly)  of the City we interviewed was a political prisoner  in 1976. She wanted to show us the cell and under what circumstances she lived during 7 months.   Black women received 10 segments of toiletpaper per day while white women got  2 roles...
She was not allowed to wear any underwear  and she got only one sanitary napkin...

 This is Molly. She is now 58 years old and tell her story without any grudges... It was amazing how she comes back to her jail.

 I put a white stone on the pile on the open area where Molly could walk 30 minutes per day only. The white stones are a symbol to show our respect for all women prisoners.

The only thing that kept her going was the palm tree she could see from her window. Her office now is nearby Constitution hill and she can still see the tree...

 She had to stand up  straight  for 7 day and 7 nights without food, drinks, or being able to sit or move around...
 She ate 3 times a handful of corn per day... during 7 months
 We told her she should write a book about her experiences as she is an amazing person! Hopefully she will do it one day so she can share her story with the world.

 Before we left we wanted to take a team picture and  without any hesitation she said ' yes, let's do it in my cell.... so we all went in her very small cell and took the picture

On Fridayevening we drove to a very known restaurant in Joburg: Carnivore... off course.. meat!

The bring spears with grilled meat at your table and you pick what you like. We are koedoe, crokodile, hartbeest, impala, beest, lamb....
It was a very animated environment and it was again a new experience!

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