woensdag 26 oktober 2011

25th October

On Tuesday we worked around the clock.
The meeting with the City Manager and CIO went very well. We clearly are on the right path and we got very positive feedback/
In the mean time the meeting with the Executive Major  in confirmed for Thursday

Let me share with you some pictures taken from different places during the 2 weeks that give you a flavor of the contrasts in Joburg:

 A man selling fruit along the road

 The Mandela bridge, 282m long; connecting Braamfontein  with the center ; it also crosses 43 traintracks

 People with a better house rent  and some space on their ground to build a barrack.

The beautiful jacaranda trees are blooming.
I hope we can still get to Pretoria because their are a lot of jacaranda trees and the time of the year is perfect.

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