donderdag 27 oktober 2011

28th October

Today when we came out of the hotel they were  putting barbed wire in front of the hotel  in preparation for the protest march. It were students claiming for free education.... we were told to leave the hotel and stay away given there could be incidents.
It was very impressive to see how the hotel became a  stronghold....

So we took the Gautrain and visited Pretoria.
We went to Churchsquare  and  visited the Union buildings where the president has his offices.

The jacarandas were amazing as people had told us and the timming was perfect. In a few days the flowers will be gone...

 There are around 60000 jacaranda trees in Pretoria.People cannot plan any new ones as they want to reduce the number given this was a tree that was imported in 1888. The lilla colour is beautiful everywhere in the city.

In the afternoon we prepared to get the the Executive major office for the final presnetation. We were all set with signed copied of the outcome of our work.  We prepared a presentations and a 60 pages whitepaper describing our recommendations.
Besides the Executive Major, there was also the Head of Strategy, the Chief of Staff and of course... our friedn Abraham, the CIO of the City.  From IBM besides ourselves the General manager of South Africa was there and the account team.

Our presentation went very well. The major said he wanted to take this work and take out the quick wins for fast result; in the panning work they are doing he will use our recommendations.
We got very positive feedback of the IBM GM of SA. He said he was blown away by the outcome and would never have imagined we could get to this level in 3 weeks...
That was the best recognition we could get for our work!
The Executive Major signed our books and that makes the picture complete!

After we finsihed we went to an African restaurant  'Gramadoela's'.
Ron and I wanted to taste the Mopani worms.  It was actually good and crispy.  I am glad I took that challenge and  ate the worls which are a typical African appetizer.

Tommorrow is our last day here in Joburg as a team.
We were invited by the MMC to visit the  Joburg Zoo so  in the end we'll be able to see the big 5!

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