donderdag 27 oktober 2011

27th October

Yesterday we finished our deliverables for the client and signed them all individually.
We had a meeting with the Member of Majoral Committee of Safety and the Chiefs of Police, Strategy and Emergency Services to present our work.
We all received a book about Joburg and had it signed by all key City Officials.

We were all exhausted but very happy as our first presentation went well!

 In the evening we went to Indian restaurant as it was Diwali, and Indian holiday. Diwali means"festival of lights,". On of our tammembers, Subu,  is Indian and vegatarian so he has difficult times to find good food here...  So we all went vegatarian for the day in respect of his holiday.  It's was good but far to spicy for me so a good experience for one day only  ;-)

 The owner of the restaurant was clearly the upper class of society. There was a wall in the restaurant
painted with  faces of a lot of local an international celebrities.

Tomorrow is  a big day: We have our final meeting with the client, the Executive Major  of Joburg and his key Officials.
In the morning  we will go to Pretoria as there is a big protest march expected in Joburg and all streets around our hotel will be closed.
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