dinsdag 1 november 2011

31 st October

Today Renee and Ron are flying out to New York so I decided to do a tour of the city of Capetown.

Last breakfast with Renee. We've had so much fun!

 Table Mountain

 St Georges Cathedral with in the back again this amazing Table Mountain.

Nelson Mandela hotel: I am told you can have the best afternoon tea of the world here. I had no time to try it though.

 City Hall of CapeTown

A great view on Cape Town from Table Mountain

 'Lion's head' behind the trees
 Camps Bay one of the residential areas with a digue, beach and restaurants. Very similar to St Tropez
Look at the shape of the trees because of the strong wind.

 Victoria and Alfred Waterfront: very touristic and artificial but great restaurants and shopping area

In Camps Bay:  In front of the '12 apostels'. Yes you need a bit of imagination!

Sunset in Camps Bay
 I had dinner in Restaurant Paranga  with Ian and Jenni. Ian is a colleague of mine from the UK and he is on holidays here. In fact he and his wife were born here and come here very often.
 How funny you have to travel to another geography to meet each other. We had spoken on the phone but we never had met. It was a great evening

The wine Shiraz-Cab Sauvignon from Boschendal was excellent and Jenni advised me to visit that winery. It will be for my next visit for sure  ;-)
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