dinsdag 1 november 2011

1st November

Today I went for a day trip to Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope with Mr Fish as driver.
He brought his 5 year old son so you'll see Tambo on some of the pictures.
It was a great trip with great views of nature: mountains, sea, animals, trees... amazing.
The weather was much better than previous days; around 20 degrees.
The season has not yet started but it was already very busy so I can imagine in a few weeks this really is fully packed with tourists.
We drove of along the coast of False Bay 

 Simon's town: which is also the Navy base of SA
African Penguins:  they are smaller than the ones we know but very cute....  They are in the moulting season: so they change fur;   They do not go into the water for 21 days;   So they eat themselves very full and then they fast for 3 weeks until their fur has changed.

 A grashopper or what we call a 'sprinkhaan' but it was over 5 cm...

Mr Fish and Tambo

This is Cape Point:  the point where the Atlantic and Indian Ocean meet

 The wales were there but my camera was not reaching far enough to take the picture

 Wild ostriches walking on the road having no fear for people or cars..

Cape of Good hope!

Then we drove back north on the side of the Atlantic ocean.
This beach is 8km long. As the water is very cold there are not so many people who come to this beach.

 the '12 apostels'
Back in Camps Bay.

I am happy I did this trip and that the weather was very good. When there are clouds you see almost nothing.
Now I need to get packed  as I leave tomorrow evening and I want to get most of the last day tomorrow.

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